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A skilled, experienced tutor is required to provide the clients’ two sons with a broad curriculum home education largely based at their home in Colorado. The tutor will be expected to deliver the full range of age appropriate subjects broadly following the state curriculum, with an emphasis on academic rigour. The successful candidate will be warm hearted, engaging and a great communicator and inspiration for the boys.


There are two boys, currently attending a local charter school in Grade 2 and Grade 4.  They are both enthusiastic learners, who are doing well in school.  The boys enjoy reading for pleasure and it is anticipated that this will be built upon as one of the foundations of their education.  They enjoy the STEM subjects and attend an extra-curricular coding club.  They do not currently study a foreign language, but this could be picked up if available.

The boys are physically fit, enjoying playing outdoors and skiing, but they do not participate in organised sports. They are keen on cooking and music, with a great potential to learn more about both.

There is also a younger sister, who will not be part of this role, but who may join in with some fun activities from time to time.


The tutor will be responsible for designing and implementing a suitable curriculum and timetable for the boys’ continued learning and educational development. There is a classroom within the family home, with desks, computers, and other resources.  The tutor will be responsible for planning and managing the provision of any additional teaching resources as required, with all expenses to be borne by the client after approval.

The full range of subjects are to be taught, with the large majority being the responsibility of the tutor.  Math and English are particularly important, and it is vital that the tutor has experience of teaching both subjects to at least Grade 6 level.

As well as academic rigour across the classical curriculum, the tutor should be able to provide a rich education in STEM subjects.  

The tutor will establish measurable short and long term targets for the boys’ learning, monitor progress towards them and will maintain comprehensive records of progress and attainment to allow for a straightforward transition back into the schools system if and when this is required. 

The family intends to take advantage of the flexibility provided by full-time home-schooling to travel within the USA.  The tutor will travel with them to continue the boys’ education and to facilitate learning experiences provided by the different locations.

The tutor should make use of their own passions and interests to inspire the students.  Exposure to new activities as well as development of existing areas of interest is to be encouraged.  The boys’ current passions of cookery and music should be developed and it would be advantageous if the tutor could bring their skills in these areas to bear.


This is a full-time position.  The tutor will work with the boys for an average of 40 hours per week, with planning and preparation to be carried out in addition. Flexibility from the tutor is expected in order to facilitate educational enrichment activities and accommodate the family’s lifestyle and travel.

The tutor will be entitled to 45 days holiday per year, to be taken at times convenient to the client.  This will usually include standard national holidays.


Accomodation is not provided with this role.  The tutor would be expected to rent somewhere appropriate within reasonable daily travelling distance of the family home, which is just South of Denver, Colorado.

While travelling with the family all accommodation will be provided.

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