Democratic Republic of the Congo
SALARY: Generous package to the right person
HOURS: Full-time
START: Ideally September 2023
DURATION: 1 year initially with the option for renewals
HOLIDAY: 45 working days per year, to be taken during school holidays and at times agreed upon with the family

In partnership with Debrett’s Education we are looking for a tutor for 3 children, aged from 11 – 5 years old.

Ideally this is a 2-year contract but there will be the potential to break at the end of the first year and to extend for a 3rd year.


The father is an engineer by background but has been the manager of a privately owned medical centre for the last seven years and the mother is a mathematician, professional chef and currently back at university by correspondence, studying early childhood education.

There are four children in the family: two older boys (aged 10 and 8) and two younger girls (aged 5 and 3). They love to travel together and often do regularly throughout the year. They especially enjoy travelling by boat which is their summer pastime. The children love to play tennis, football, ski and to ride horses when the opportunity arises.

Between the three eldest children they are learning to play several different musical instruments and have a developing passion for music. At home they all speak together in English and French. Their father predominantly speaks with the children in English while their mother does the same in French. They are all learning to speak Hebrew as their third language with lessons and activities given by their grandmother supported on occasion by the local synagogue.

They currently travel to George, South Africa every six to eight weeks for orthodontic treatment and check-ups while the children are supported by their parents to stay on track for their studies.

They are a very active family who love to run together, ride their bikes, and go on adventures while travelling. They place great importance in and take great care to practice reading, either individually, aloud to each other or as a family and believe that education and knowledge is wealth. Their parents feel that their primary responsibility is to educate the children properly and encourage them to reach for their maximum potential.


The children were all born in London to an English father and an Israeli mother. They all live together in the heart of Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo and have done so for the last thirteen years.

The three older children attend an International/American school on the IB programme and the youngest a nursery following the British EYFS. They are looking for a tutor for the 3 older children in the first instance.

Their eldest boy is meticulous, caring, and mature for his age. The second child is ‘our curious clown’, generous and sensitive. He has a broad interest in everything he experiences and always wants to know more. Their first daughter is strong-willed, has a passion for babies and childcare whether it is for real children or toys. She loves ballet and is very social. Last but certainly not least their youngest and is a pure ray of sunshine. She also adores dance with a particular interest in ballet and she is very curious to follow her siblings in all that they do regardless of whether she is old enough or physically capable.

Role of the Tutor

This is a full-time, home-schooling role and so the Tutor must be a qualified flexible, enthusiastic, and capable educator. The children are bright and curious, and it is important that they are challenged and well prepared for their arrival in the UK where they will start at Prep and Secondary school. Excellent organisational skills are required, both in terms of curriculum design and delivery, and in maintaining excellent records.

Whilst as a Primary specialist, it is important that the Tutor has a good understanding of the standard required for success at Common Entrance in the UK Independent school system, particularly for the older two children. They seek a Tutor who can create a dynamic environment for the children to learn in.

The appointed Tutor will be highly educated, intelligent, responsible, practical, and down-to-earth, with a strong sense of fun and a wide range of personal interests.

A French speaker/ or a willingness to learn is desirable but not essential.

Accommodation, Travel and Miscellaneous

The Tutor will be housed in a separate living space near the Clients’ home.

Transport will be provided by the family, using one of their vehicles and drivers to and from the  Clients’ home and tutoring space, if different to the Client’s home. For transport outside of tutoring, one of the family’s vehicles and drivers will be made available whenever possible.

The Client will also provide 2 return flights per year: December and July.

Day to day living expenses, such as Satellite TV, telco and lunches/refreshments will be provided by the Client during the working week, however monthly food bills etc. outside of this will be covered by the Tutor.

Any expenses accrued because of the role: course materials etc. or if the tutor is required to travel with the family will be covered by the Client.

The tutor must not smoke or vape.

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