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A skilled, experienced tutor is required to work with the clients’ son in Georgia, Maine, Nashville and Italy providing a broad curriculum home education. The tutor will be expected to deliver the full range of age appropriate subjects in a child-centred, investigation-led learning environment which will develop his considerable talents, critical thinking and academic self-discipline. The tutor will further be expected to facilitate educational enrichment opportunities that are available as a result of the family’s travels.

Job description

The student is an energetic, bright 6 year old boy, who enjoys play-based learning and quickly grasps new concepts, making connections between his new understanding and the world around him. He has considerable talents in music and languages as well as enjoying animatronic toys and lego-type construction. He can become frustrated when his learning opportunities and achievement are not keeping pace with his expectations and his tutor will need to be sensitive to this and manage lesson planning accordingly. The student enjoys being outside and learns well when concepts are related to real-world, outdoors environments.

  The tutor will:

  • teach all subjects in a broad based curriculum covering US Kindergarten and upwards
  • be responsible for implementing a suitable timetable and for planning of all lessons
  • provide a learning environment that is responsive to the student’s best learning style whilst maintaining structure and routines that will develop the student’s lifelong study-skills and academic self-discipline.
  • work with the family to set clearly identifiable short and long term targets for learning and to monitor progress towards them as well as maintaining comprehensive records of progress and attainments.
  • identify and facilitate appropriate educational enrichment activities and visits to enrich and extend the student’s learning, taking advantage of facilities and sites of interest made available by the families travels
  • be flexible with both their working hours and location to fit with the family’s needs, based around an average of 35 – 40 hours per week
  • contribute towards the student’s holistic personal development. This “whole child” development should include his physical fitness to support his sporting interests as well as artistic, dramatic and musical endeavours. The tutor would ideally play the piano as well as speaking a Romance language.

The successful candidate will be forward thinking, apolitical, tolerant and respectful towards others, and a non-smoker.

A suitable classroom location will be provided, along with teaching resources as required.

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