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A skilled, experienced early years teacher is required to provide the client’s children, aged 4, 4, and 6, with a broad curriculum home education. The tutor will be expected to deliver the full range of age appropriate subjects broadly following the local curriculum. The successful candidate will be kind, warm hearted, and engaging, and will provide the children with an excellent education within a nurturing environment.


There are three children; a boy of 6, and twins (a boy and a girl) of 4. They are all in the early stages of their educational development and, whilst they have a range of interests between them, it is of course not appropriate to say that these will be retained as they get older.  The teacher will be expected to help them to develop, exploring new topics as well as building on their current interests.

The children are making expected progress in the core foundational educational areas, with no specific learning needs identified.


The tutor will be responsible for designing and implementing a suitable curriculum and timetable for the children’s continued learning and educational development.   This will be largely based on the standard local curriculum, but there is no requirement that this be rigorously followed, as long as the regulatory requirements are met.  The intention is that the homeschool curriculum will allow all of the children to develop educationally and more widely to bring out the best in each of them and to maximise their potential.

The tutor will work with the children in the family home, where an appropriate space will be set aside.  Resources will be provided by the client as required, with the tutor taking a lead responsibility for advising and procuring.

Where possible and appropriate, the tutor will be expected to include outdoor activities and nature in the schedule. Incorporating educationally worthy activities into outdoor play is greatly encouraged.

It is important that healthy eating be incorporated into the children’s education.  The tutor will be expected to shop for and prepare healthy lunches for the children, at the client’s expense.

As well as providing the children’s education, the tutor will be a role model to help them to develop as people.  The tutor will also help the clients to plan and experience fun and educational outings and travel as a family.

The tutor will maintain comprehensive records of progress and attainment and will assist with any regulatory requirements regarding notification and delivery of state approved home schooling.


This is a full-time position.  The tutor will be expected to work for an average of 40 hours per week, encompassing  time with the children as well as  planning and preparation.

The tutor will be entitled to 45 days holiday per year prorated, to be taken at times convenient to the client.


Accommodation is not provided with this role.  The tutor would be expected to rent somewhere appropriate within reasonable daily travelling distance of the family home if required.

The family may take occasional trips which the tutor will be asked to accompany them on.  All travel and accommodation costs will be covered by the client

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