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A skilled, experienced middle school teacher is required to provide the clients’ two children (a 4th Grade boy of 10, and a 2nd Grade girl of 8) with a broad curriculum home education largely based at their home on Long Island, NY. The teacher will be expected to deliver the full range of age appropriate subjects broadly following the state curriculum, with an emphasis on academic rigour. The successful candidate will be warm hearted, engaging and a great communicator and an inspiration for the children, capable of preserving their current positive outlook on home schooling, despite a fairly rigorous schedule.


Both children are currently being homeschooled and are doing well in their studies; they are either in line or somewhat ahead of their age.  They both enjoy reading for pleasure and it is anticipated that this will be built upon as one of the foundations of their education.  They spend a lot of time on Math and English as the core subjects of their education.  Their studies will be extended to cover more STEM subjects, which their parents attach great value to.

The boy enjoys coding and playing chess.  The girl enjoys dancing and reading.


The teacher will be responsible for designing and implementing a suitable curriculum and timetable for the children’s continued learning and educational development. 

The full range of subjects are to be taught; the large majority being the responsibility of the teacher, with any additional subjects covered by external tutors under the direction of the appointed teacher. 

Math, STEM and English are particularly important, and ideally the teacher would be able to teach all subjects up to  late middle school levels.  It would be desirable for the teacher to be able to introduce and develop the children’s coding skills in an age appropriate manner.  

The teacher will establish measurable short and long term targets for their learning, monitor progress towards them and maintain comprehensive records of progress and attainment to allow for a straightforward transition back into the schools system if and when this is required, and for easy assessment of progress by the parents.

There is a classroom within the family home, with desks, computers, and other resources.  The teacher will be responsible for planning and managing the provision of any additional teaching resources as required, with all expenses to be borne by the client after approval.

The teacher must have the right to live and work in the USA.  We cannot provide a work visa.

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