South Carolina: After-school support
LOCATION: South Carolina
SALARY: $90,000 USD per year
HOURS: Approximately 40 hours per week
START: As soon as possible
DURATION: 12 months, with annual renewals thereafter
ACCOMMODATION: Apartment provided nearby
HOLIDAY: 45 days per year prorated

A skilled, experienced teacher is required to provide after school educational support and more general support of the well-being, health and future plans of 4 children, aged 9 to 16. The tutor will be expected to play a significant role in the children’s development academically, socially and personally.


The four children, girls of 9 and 16, and boys of 12 and 14, attend school in South Carolina.  They follow the US curriculum and are all performing very well. They are native English speakers, and also fluent in French.

They have a variety of extracurricular interests including sports and music, particularly piano.


The tutor will be responsible for providing after school support across the whole curriculum.  

The tutor is expected to support and advise the students SAT and college applications.

In addition to the academic aspect of the role, the tutor will also be responsible for coordinating and facilitating extracurricular activities, including but not limited to sports, music, clubs etc.

The children’s general health and well-being is very important to the clients.  The tutor will ensure that the children are eating properly, including helping with meals organisation, as well as that they have a healthy lifestyle more widely.


This is a full-time position.  The tutor will work with the children after school during the week and sometimes at the weekends.  Where possible the tutor will have two consecutive days off per week, but this will not always be at the weekend and is not guaranteed. 

The tutor will be entitled to 45 days holiday per year, to be taken at times convenient to the client. 


The tutor will be provided with an apartment nearby, although it should be noted that when the parents are away the tutor will be expected to stay overnight in the family home.  

The family will travel within the USA and internationally from time to time, potentially for extended periods. The tutor may be required to accompany them on these trips to provide continuity of education and general care.

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