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An experienced early years teacher is required to develop and deliver a full curriculum education for two boys, aged  7 and 5. The family split their time between Los Angeles and San Francisco, with some other travel. We are looking for someone to build the foundations of an excellent broad and deep education with appropriate targets and pedagogical theory behind it.

The children have always been home schooled; by their parents, by a general tutor, and by a specialist math tutor. The parents would like to formalize their education at this stage, to encourage a separation of the roles of parent and teacher, and to provide for an easier transition into mainstream schooling if required in the future.


There are two boys, aged 7 and 5.  They both enjoy games, science, discovering how things work, and nature.  Continuing to develop these aspects of their education, with an increased rigor is important to the parents.  

The older boy is advanced in math and enjoys science and technology. He likes to build things, both physically and virtually. As well as the design and construction process he is also interested in understanding how things work; ranging across such areas as electronic circuits and the natural world to Minecraft objects.

He doesn’t currently choose to read for pleasure, but can when he sees a purpose, such as while playing games etc.  

His younger brother is particularly interested in animals, particularly dinosaurs.  His math and reading are at an age appropriate level as he starts his education journey.

Both boys have the expected response to learning at the moment – they can sometimes be reluctant to engage with more formal lessons, but they are naturally inquisitive and respond well to engaging, inspirational teaching.


The tutor will be responsible for designing and implementing a suitable curriculum for the boys. The educational plan should emphasize STEM and reading..  

The aspiration is that the boys have the educational framework and the opportunity to allow them to pursue their interests, which may of course be in some new topic they haven’t met yet, to a deeper level than would be possible in mainstream schools. It is likely that a project led approach will be the optimum approach.

Experiential learning and the encouragement of an enquiring mind are to be encouraged, with opportunities for investigation and research being actively followed.  The teacher will ideally be well placed to lead discussions on a wide range of topics as they arise, in science, the humanities, literature, and more generally.  

This style of teaching requires someone who, as well as being knowledgeable and enthusiastic, is also organized and capable of maintaining progress towards long term goals without giving a sense of coercion.  There are going to be times when the boys would rather not do an activity and the teacher needs to have strategies to get around this without being over controlling.

As well as more academic topics, the teacher will include real world activities in the program.  For example, understanding money, shopping, cookery, budgeting, social situations can all be made into fun activities that reinforce curriculum content as well as having independent value.  

Teaching is to be delivered in English.  The tutor must be completely fluent.

The successful candidate will be forward thinking, apolitical, tolerant and respectful towards others. 


The tutor will be required to accompany the family on some trips. All accommodation and travel costs will be covered by the client. 


This is a full-time position, with the teaching schedule to be confirmed but likely to be 9am – 5pm, 5 days per week.

The teacher will be entitled to 45 days holiday per year, to be taken at times convenient to the client.

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