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After School Support

An after-school support tutor can help to fill in the gaps left by school.

Additional support

With large classes and multiple administrative requirements, mainstream teachers cannot spend the individual time with students that optimal learning requires. A full-time after-school tutor will bridge that gap. Bespoke enhanced support can be tailored to your child’s potential and speed of progress. Tutors typically maintain close contact with the child’s teachers in school allowing them to add breadth and depth to the mainstream curriculum. They also assist in preparing students for upcoming testing and assessment.

Extension learning

A typical after-school support contract will also include some provision at the weekends. The tutor will plan educational visits to local art galleries, museums, STEM workshops and other places of possible enhanced learning. Students gain a much greater understanding of the academic concepts they study when those concepts are placed in context. A full-time support tutor can greatly assist in providing those “lightbulb moments” that enable leaps of understanding.

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