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Beacon recruits and manages private tutors for families world-wide. We are owned and managed by former Senior Leadership and school governors from the UK independent sector and International Schools throughout the world. Our team has many years of experience managing teachers and tutors in a wide range of settings enabling us to provide the in-depth knowledge and  flexibility to create the academic program you are seeking for your child.


At Beacon, we recognise that different families have different priorities for their children’s education and specific ideas about how that education should be delivered. Our client managers and tutors will work with you and your child to plan lessons and experiences that stimulate a desire to learn that will last a lifetime.

Beacon can help guide you in your search for the education you want your child to experience. This could be anything from a long term appointment to provide a perfect home learning experience to an after school mentor to supplement their daytime learning.


At Beacon, we continue to work with you and your tutor for the whole time that you are with us. We distinguish ourselves from many other tutoring agencies in our approach to tutoring. Our tutors have weekly contact with their mentors at Beacon and share a Continuing Development Program with their fellow tutors. This support and training help ensure that our tutors can spend their time focusing on delivering the best possible learning experiences for your child while Beacon focuses on ensuring they are fully equipped to deliver that learning.

Whether working towards a national curriculum, an examination board syllabus or a more holistically structured timetable, through regular contact with parents we set and revisit meaningful short and long term goals for your child, working with your tutor to provide the education you want for your family.

Andrew Knight
Managing Director

Andrew has worked in full-time home-schooling provision since 2009. In addition to his main focus in the back office, dealing with recruitment and account management among other things, he also has recent direct experience of being a full-time residential tutor.

In addition, Andrew’s background as a qualified teacher and in finance sector software development gives him an excellent perspective to help Beacon to be a successful provider of high-quality tuition solutions.

When not running the business, Andrew spends most of his time walking his spaniels and cycling.

Ian Jones
Director of Education

Ian has been a teacher of Physics and Outdoor Education for 25 years, holding leadership and teaching positions in some of the best schools in the UK and South East Asia. His students and tutees have successfully applied to Oxford, Cambridge, MIT, Yale and Caltech. In 2001 he started the first Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Unit in Thailand and has since trained over 100 Unit Leaders in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Nepal.

He splits his free time between sailing and exploring cave systems in SE Asia.

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