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Working As A Beacon Tutor

Working for Beacon is both a demanding and rewarding experience. You will be working with families who will expect exceptional teaching and mentoring for their children. Many of our jobs involve travel with the family and you will be expected to obtain the best educational outcomes from these learning opportunities.

What do we do?

Beacon recruits and supports tutors who work with individual families wherever they are in the world.

Typically our tutors provide home-schooling, sometimes travelling with families whose work commitments involve a more mobile lifestyle. Some of the children we work with are in full time mainstream education. Their tutor will provide curriculum support and extension after school and at weekends.

What does Beacon offer?

Unlike many more traditional tutoring agencies, Beacon will continue to work with you after you find a placement. You will be assigned a mentor, who will be an experienced personal tutor who has worked in similar placements in the past. They will help you adjust to the role as you settle in. For more experienced tutors, your mentor will help you select further training opportunities. They will also coach you towards continuous personal professional development.

Why should you register?

Beacon offers some of the most exciting and well rewarded tutoring positions available world-wide. Salaries are often well in excess of Headteacher positions, but this is because our clients expect the tutors to be the among the very best in their field. If you would like to hear about such positions, please register. We can then let you know when opportunities arise.


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Sample Job Locations

Los Angeles

The client initially required a full time tutor to provide support for 2 children in the evenings whilst they both attended full-time school. Work commitments for mum often require several months at a time abroad. Therefore the tutor now travels with the family, providing full-time homeschooling for both children. This enables the family to remain together year round. All travel and accommodation expenses are included in the contact.


The family lives in Switzerland most of the year, moving between Geneva and Gstad as the seasons change. A full time tutor provides homeschooling in both locations. This allows delivery of an academic timetable structured around the family’s love of the outdoors, particularly skiing. The tutor in this case is also a qualified climbing instructor and guides the family when opportunities arise.


Living in central London, the tutor works with one student whose ADHD made conventional schooling inappropriate for their learning needs. Full time homeschooling, with a focus on instrumental music and humanities, has enabled more consistent progress and a happier, more fulfilled student.  The student is now developing a variety of strategies that may enable him to return to school for A Levels in a year’s time.

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