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Full-Time Home Schooling

Families opt to follow a full-time home-schooling program for a variety of reasons. Many simply want a greater input into the curriculum their children are following  and more control over teaching and learning styles.

Flexible solutions

Families opt to follow a full-time home-schooling program for many reasons.

Some children show early potential in particular sporting or artistic endeavors and home-schooling can offer a chance to fit their academic tuition around their chosen sporting commitments. Beacon can offer tutors familiar with the complexities of timetabling schooling alongside the development sessions needed for promising young athletes and performers.

Meeting your needs

Beacon also offers tutors experienced with a range of Special Educational Needs and Differences to help in circumstances where full time conventional schooling cannot adequately address the particular learning needs of a child. For some children a quieter, less structured approach, with the comforts of home close at hand can often provide an environment free from distraction and more conducive to their learning needs.

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