We are a leading private tutor agency

We are a leading private tutor agency specialising in bespoke education for high profile and high net worth families across the globe

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For Parents
We select our tutors from the finest teachers and private tutors, giving you the confidence that your child is receiving the very best learning experiences.
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For Tutors
Working for Beacon is both a demanding and rewarding experience. You will be working with families who will expect exceptional teaching and mentoring for their children.
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Beacon provides tailor-made education for children and young people in unique situations.

By using the very best educators, we allow students to get the most from their situations and maximise their opportunities later in life. We provide tutors for your specific needs, lifestyle and location. This could be full-time homeschooling, after-school support, or any other form of private tuition.

We enable children to prosper and flourish, whatever their learning environments. This allows families to take full advantage of their lifestyles, maximising their child’s educational potential and developing world-ready citizens.

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