Full-time Private Teacher
LOCATION: Global Travel
SALARY: Canadian $8,125 per month
HOURS: Full-time
START: August 2023
DURATION: 1 year
HOLIDAY: 30 days, to be taken at times convenient to the client

A skilled, experienced teacher is required to provide a full-time education for a Grade 9 aged boy and a Grade 11 aged girl following the Canadian curriculum. The family plan to spend the academic year 2023-24 travelling globally to various locations including Europe, New Zealand and South East Asia. The tutor will be expected to travel with the family and design and deliver an appropriate program of study to take advantage of the changing location and opportunities, whilst maintaining academic standards to allow for a straightforward transition back to school the following year. The tutor will also be required to act as a mentor and to encourage and facilitate social interaction and sporting opportunities.


Both students enjoy the great outdoors including camping, hiking, canoeing, kayaking and rock climbing with their family.  They are also driven in competitive sports, particularly volleyball and basketball.  The family’s travels will present ample opportunities for further experiences in these areas and the tutor will need to share their love of the outdoors and adventure sports.

The eldest, will be in Grade 11.  She has been educated at a Canadian school so far, and she will return to her school for Grade 12.  She is a good student academically and generally enjoys learning.  Her strengths are in Language Arts and Science.  As she intends pursuing higher educational studies in Life Sciences (medical field), it is vital that the tutor can extend and enhance her learning specifically in Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics, where she finds the most difficulties in her learning. 

The youngest will be in Grade 9 and similarly has attended Canadian school so far.  He enjoys Sciences and Social Science, being a student that thrives in a pupil centered learning environment with opportunities for real world learning along with physical activity.  He requires an engaging tutor to excite him about his all around learning with specific attention to Social and Mathematics.

Both students will thrive in a supportive, compassionate learning environment, studying with a teacher who is patient, happy to coach them to solutions and make learning fun.

Both students come from a very supportive and engaged family, with parents who are actively involved in their development and who want to give their children a meaningful ‘whole child’ learning experience during their global travels.


The teacher will have suitable experience and expertise teaching students of Grades 9 to 11 and will be comfortable teaching according to the Canadian curriculum.

They will be required to design and deliver an appropriate curriculum, taking into account the family’s travels and the opportunities provided by that. The intention is that the students are provided with an inspirational learning experience as well as an effective one.  The teacher should take full advantage of the situation to add breadth and depth to the education provided. They should be able to adapt their teaching style as required to provide the maximum benefit for the students in each location they experience.

The role is much broader than just teaching – there is a mentoring and caring element to it as well.  The tutor is expected to engage with the students during adventure and sightseeing activities, as well as in more formal lessons to encourage their academic and personal development. Opportunities should be sought, in conjunction with the parents, for the students to meet and interact with other children of their age through sporting endeavours.

The tutor will be spending a large amount of time with the students and their family, so it is essential that they are fun to be around, easy going, communicative and adaptable to make this as straightforward as possible. The successful applicant will need to be comfortable travelling and staying in a variety of accommodation styles.

The tutor should have other skills and interests to contribute beyond their mainstream teaching ability. Being comfortable with drama and art is important, being a skilled musician would be desirable, an interest in ecology and the natural world is advantageous. The  successful candidate will ideally speak at least one European language in addition to English and will be willing to develop further language skills together with the children during their travels.

Any educational and regulatory requirements should be fully understood and complied with.

Full records of all teaching and learning activities and progress must be kept up to date.

The tutor must not smoke or vape.

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