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A US family is spending several months in London and Madrid with their 6th Grade daughter.  A local tutor is required in each location to keep her on track with, and ideally ahead of, her grade level,  particularly in STEM subjects. 

It is likely that different tutors will be required for each location, but someone with familiarity of both London and Madrid could be a possibility for both.

The time periods are:

  • London: September – mid December
  • Madrid: mid January – mid June


The teacher will have suitable experience and expertise teaching students of the appropriate age.

It is likely that we will recruit one teacher for each location.  They will be able to bring their local knowledge to the role and will be able to provide an enhanced learning experience because of this, including topics and activities that take advantage of local culture, geography, history, nature etc.

The teachers will develop and deliver an engaging curriculum based on, but not limited by, the Florida state standards.  Opportunities for adding depth and breadth to this will be actively followed, particularly in the STEM subjects.

The teachers will be able to access a shared folder containing the planning, attainment records, reports, examples of work etc. so that they are following common principles, not repeating topics unnecessarily, and providing as consistent an approach as is practical.  They will be able to talk to each other to allow for an efficient handover between phases.

Options for home school community groups in each location as well as other more general opportunities for social and sports interaction, particularly volleyball and athletics., will be explored to allow the student to get as much from this opportunity in as many ways as possible.

Strong Spanish language skills are essential in both locations.

The teachers will be required to design and deliver an appropriate broad spectrum curriculum that engages both students and allows them to satisfy their intellectual curiosity.  The intention is that the students are provided with a supportive, encouraging learning experience as well as an effective one. The teachers should design assessment and feedback mechanisms that encourage learning and develop lifelong learning skills. The successful candidates will be inspirational in their delivery and act as role models in their conduct.

All educational and regulatory requirements should be fully understood and complied with.

Full records of all teaching and learning activities and progress must be kept up to date.

The teachers must not smoke or vape, should be apolitical, tolerant and respectful towards others. 


These are full-time positions.  The expectation is that the teachers will follow a full-time schedule; 5 days per week, 9-5.  Teaching time will not fill the whole of this time as that would not be practical for the student, but they will be available if required. Flexibility and a “can do” attitude are expected from the teacher in order to facilitate educational enrichment activities.

The teacher will not be entitled to any paid holidays in these short-term roles. There may be days when they are not needed by the family and these will be given as paid leave.


There will not be any accommodation or transportation provided as part of this role.  The expectation is that teachers living within reasonable daily travelling distance will be found.

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