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A skilled, experienced teacher is required to provide a full-time education for two students, in 3rd and 5th Grade.  As well as wanting to provide a personalized education, the family intend to spend periods of the year travelling globally and would like the children to get as much as possible from this by having a teacher who can use the changing location to the best effect.

They are currently attending schools in Minneapolis and want to continue to follow a broadly US based curriculum.  The tutor would ideally be able to teach some subjects in Spanish to maintain and build upon the children’s second language skills.

This position is for 1 year initially, starting in the fall of 2023, with the possibility of renewals for future years.


The students are a boy, aged 10, and a girl of 8.  They both attend local schools, and that has been a largely positive experience.  

The younger girl is at a Montessori school and enjoys reading and art particularly; benefiting greatly from a project-led learning environment.  She enjoys situations where she has flexibility and that give her the opportunity to let her creativity blossom. There are aspects of her current schooling that should be continued, but it is not necessary to completely reproduce a Montessori education.

Her brother is at a traditional independent school.  He prefers more structured situations with clearer end goals, and particularly enjoys math.  He had previously been tutored in the Orton-Gillingham approach for reading in order to overcome early signs of dyslexia.  Like his sister, he will also enjoy some project based learning, but will potentially need more directed guidance than she will. More generally, he will benefit from more structure as well as a systematic approach in the subject of writing

Both children are creative and open to development as inquisitive critical thinkers.  They will  thrive in a supportive, compassionate learning environment, studying with a teacher who will adapt their teaching style to suit each of their individual needs and encourage them to develop to reach their full potential.


The teacher will be qualified to Masters level and will have appropriate experience in school, and ideally in private home school education.  

They will be required to design and deliver an appropriate curriculum, taking into account the family’s travels and the opportunities provided by that. It is expected that the broad structure of the program of study will reflect and respond to the location.  For example, the current intention is that the family are in Greece at the start of the next school year: This could inspire project work based around the ancient civilization, architecture, art, and mythology of the region.

It is likely that a flexible timetable will be followed with more traditional foundation subjects, such as math and English,  in the mornings, with more project-led work in the afternoons.

To help with encouraging social skills and cooperation with others, the teacher will help with finding and arranging opportunities for the students to get involved with other children in each location.  This could include sports, creative activities, home school groups  and other youth groups.

The students have lived in Central America and have taken Spanish for 3 years.  A teacher who could speak Spanish with them for the majority of the time or teach some subjects in Spanish would be ideal.

The role is broader than just teaching – there is a mentoring and caring element to it as well. The teacher is expected to engage with the students during adventure and sightseeing activities, as well as in more formal lessons to encourage their academic and personal development. Opportunities should be sought, in conjunction with the parents, for the students to meet and interact with other children and to consider the people and situations that they encounter.

This is a close knit family where the children are encouraged to think about their position in the world, what might motivate others, and what the impacts of actions might be.  They are reflective and empathetic, and these qualities are to be supported and developed by the teacher.  The family follow a slower-paced, more informal lifestyle, which it is important that the teacher fits in to.

Any educational and regulatory requirements should be fully understood and complied with.

Full records of all teaching and learning activities and progress must be kept up to date.

The teacher must not smoke, vape, or use recreational drugs and must never drive under the influence of alcohol.


This is a full-time position. The teacher will work with the students throughout the week, with a varying timetable to fit in with the family’s plans and activities. Flexibility is required as one of the advantages of this approach is that the family are not constrained by school timetables etc.  The teacher must be able to respond to changes of plan as they arise.

The teacher will be entitled to 30 days holiday in this fixed term contract, to be taken at times convenient to the client.


The teacher will be provided with accommodation in all locations.  In Minneapolis this is likely to be a rented apartment within reasonable travelling distance of the family home.

All costs associated with travel will be covered by the client.

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