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Private Tuition in Bermuda

Beacon is a leading provider of bespoke educational services to individual families worldwide. We select our tutors from the finest teachers and private tutors, giving you the confidence that your child is receiving the very best learning experiences. These are delivered via lessons that are individually tailored to their learning style and academic strengths.


Home schooling is more straightforward in Bermuda than in many countries. Bermudan Law allows parents to homeschool their children or to use a tutor to do so as long as the parents inform the local education authority.

Bermuda has six private schools offering both US and UK curricula. These schools often have long waiting lists, particularly for key year groups, and for some pupils, the schools don’t offer the ideal personal education that is needed. Education from a private tutor is a solution that many families on the island have opted for.


Maximise Opportunities

Retaining the services of a full time home tutor has many advantages. Careful planning of an appropriate timetable allows the rigorous maintenance of standards from a US, UK or other national curriculum, maximising chances of entry to a top university. Our home tutors are also skilled in preparing students for writing their personal admissions statement, mentoring them through appropriate supporting activities and helping organise appropriate work experience placements.

Social and extracurricular activities

As well as the subject lessons we provide, our tutors can help with arranging social and extra-curricular activities for students. There are also regular sports and drama events organised for homeschooled children as well as the wide variety of outdoor lifestyle activities available on the island.

Maintaining family connections

For many of our clients, a full time home tutor provides an alternative to boarding school and the worries that come with multiple return flights. With a home tutor, students can stay at home with family, enjoying all the benefits that Bermuda provides as well as maintaining their family connections, whilst still benefitting from the rigorous academic standards provided by a US or UK private education.

Tailored Curriculum

Students can be examined for GCSE and A Levels in coordination with a school on the island where they can sit the full range of CIE examinations. For students not yet at that stage we can either use a curriculum provided by a school or we can work with you to define a fully tailored education.

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