25 Jan 2022

Five Benefits Of Becoming A Private Tutor With Beacon

Here at Beacon, we pride ourselves on being able to find the perfect private tutor for our clients. As such, part of our responsibility is to entice experienced teachers to become private tutors, which is why we’ve come up with this list of five benefits of becoming a private tutor with Beacon.

Undivided Attention

With just one or two pupils to teach, private tutors can channel their focus and ensure that the education they’re delivering is bespoke to the pupil’s needs. This makes it easier to plan lessons and present topics in a way which is going to speak best to the pupil(s).

Your Job, Your Way

As a private tutor, you have an element of freedom to do things your way. As long as it is beneficial to those you are teaching, you’re in charge of how you deliver the curriculum. Say goodbye to the constraints of a traditional lesson plan, and hello to ways of making learning engaging and fun for your pupils. Not only will this make the child’s experience more enjoyable, but you may find that you enjoy teaching even more too!

Uniquely Rewarding

When you enter the home schooling set up as a teacher, you get to know your pupil as an individual, learning about them and their likes and dislikes, along with how they learn best. You see their academic development up close as they learn more about the subjects you’re teaching and the wider world around them. It really is a uniquely rewarding experience.

Opportunities Worldwide

Private tutoring and home schooling is something which parents across the world consider for their children, which means there are an abundance of opportunities in countries all over the globe. Whether you fancy a taste of the United States, a position in South Asia, or an adventure in Australia, private tutors are required by our clients in all sorts of locations! 

Fantastic Benefits

In addition to being able to work anywhere in the world, you may also find that you have some great benefits as well. Some of our clients offer accommodation, others offer the opportunity to travel to multiple locations with the family, and most offer extremely competitive salaries. Of course, salary does vary depending on the client’s location and additional benefits included in the package. 

Have these five benefits convinced you to become a private tutor with Beacon? If so, then you may want to consider registering with us today. Alternatively, you can take a look at our current opportunities here.


A teacher showing a young child a globe