14 Jun 2022

How to become a private tutor

As one of the leading elite private tutor agencies, one aspect of our business is hiring tutors and building our database of elite private tutors so that we can match the right tutor with the right position, when the opportunities open up. We’re often asked questions about how to become a private tutor, what makes a good tutor and what kind of tutor is considered by Beacon for the roles we advertise. This article is designed to answer some of those questions and provide hints and tips for prospective tutors.

Where to start your journey to become a private tutor.

Starting out as a private tutor can be a difficult task. The first question to ask yourself however is why do you want to become a private tutor? Perhaps you’re a specialist in a particular subject area, passionate about the topic and have a desire to impart that knowledge onto the next generation. Maybe you’re a teacher who no longer wants to be constrained by traditional methods of teaching. Or, you could be just starting out but have a desire to teach, but not in a traditional setting.

From here, work out what sort of private tutor you want to be. Do you want to work with many pupils or in a more exclusive setting with one or two children? Do you want to specialise in a particular subject or are you open to being more general? Are you looking for a flexible online only role or a long term placement abroad? Once you’ve answered these questions, you’re very close to being set, and depending on the answers you give to those questions, Beacon can help you along your journey.

How do private tutors advertise? Where can you find tutoring jobs?

Typically private tutors operate on job boards such as Indeed, or on websites such as Craigslist, which is more common in countries such as the USA than elsewhere. Of course, social media is also a great way to advertise your services too, with platforms such as Facebook a solid place to start for tutors just starting out. However, for those tutors with more experience, such as qualified teachers, may want to approach a private tutor agency such as Beacon. Private tutor agencies usually hold a database of tutors, which is used to match tutors with clients who approach the agency looking for a tutor for their child or children.

What makes a great private tutor?

There are some key attributes which make a private tutor a great private tutor.


Communication is key when it comes to being a great private tutor. Whether it’s communicating the subject with the pupil or talking with the parents, informing them of the child’s progress, communication is a key aspect of being a fantastic tutor.


To be a great private tutor, you need to be highly organised. You need to plan lessons, mark work, deliver reports, buy lesson material and various other tasks, and you need to be able to fit them into your schedule.


A great private tutor is a reliable private tutor, and this is of the utmost importance for the high net worth clients who Beacon work with. It should go without saying that private tutors, whether they’re working in person or online, need to ensure that they arrive for lessons on time and undertake the tasks which they say they are going to, when they say they’re going to do them.

Motivational & Enthusiastic

An engaged child is one which learns better. With this in mind, it’s incredibly important that you have the ability to focus and motivate children for learning, and that you’re enthusiastic and passionate about the subject you’re teaching, and indeed teaching in general.


Dedication goes hand in hand with reliability and enthusiasm. Beacon’s clients expect the private tutor to be wholeheartedly and completely dedicated to their needs and the needs of their child. Whether that means travelling with the family or simply arriving early to prepare a specific lesson, dedication is one of the key aspects of being a great private tutor.

How much does a private tutor earn?

We’re often asked questions about the earning potential of a private tutor, but realistically, there is no simple answer to this. We’ve advertised postings all around the world and you can see some of our current and previous vacancies here, which all have details of salary on them.

We’ve covered just some of the aspects to consider when becoming a private tutor and some of the questions which we are frequently asked. If you would like to become a Beacon affiliated private tutor, then you can find more information and sign up to our newsletter here.

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