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A skilled, experienced teacher is required to provide a full-time home school education for a 9 year old girl following the US curriculum. After living in the USA for the last 10 years, the family are moving to Dubai in January 2023. The initial 6 month period of the contract will be based there, with some travel to other locations during this period.  After that, they plan to spend 6 of the next 12 months travelling globally, spending 1-2 months at a time in various locations. The tutor will be expected to design and deliver an appropriate program of study to take advantage of the changing location and opportunities, whilst maintaining academic standards to allow for a straightforward transition back to school when required. The tutor will also be required to act as a mentor and to encourage and facilitate social interaction including developing projects to be accessed by other children.


The girl is 9 years old.  She has been educated in a US Montessori school so far, and the intention is that she returns to this system, either in the USA or in an International School in time.  She comes from a very supportive and engaged family, with parents who are actively involved in her development and who want to give her every possible opportunity to thrive and to fulfil her considerable potential.

She is a good student academically, being quite organised and conscientious, although with a tendency to rush things sometimes.  She gets a great deal from her self reflective internal assessments of her mood and emotions.  This is supported by her use of a computer based program which encourages learning to listen, working in a team with her peers, learning how to communicate, and the importance of the hypothesis, development, refinement model of planning.

She is interested in a broad range of areas, from science to acting, trampoline to gardening.  It is important that this enthusiasm for learning is maintained.  Playing, individually and with friends, is very important for her.  She speaks Italian, American English and Russian and has some Spanish.  Teaching should be done in American English to maintain that for her return to the USA. 


The teacher will have suitable experience and expertise teaching students of 9 – 10 years and will be comfortable teaching according to the US system.

They will be required to design and deliver an appropriate curriculum, taking into account the location and opportunities provided by that.  The intention is that the student is provided with an inspirational learning experience as well as an effective one.  The teacher should take full advantage of the situation to provide an excellent education. They should be able to adapt their teaching style as required to provide the maximum benefit for the student.

The role is much broader than just teaching – there is a mentoring and caring element to it as well.  The tutor is expected to engage with the student in play and leisure activities as well as in more formal lessons to encourage her general development and to help her to grow as an individual.  Opportunities should be sought, in conjunction with the parents, for the student to meet and interact with other children of her age, and the tutor should be actively involved in this process.  These opportunities could be as simple as joining local clubs, but should also include more proactive activities such as setting up projects and activities for local children to get involved with.  The intention is that the tutor is actively involved in the student’s life, and that of the wider family, to build a rich and varied educational experience in the broadest sense of the word, not just in the classroom, but in life in general.

The tutor will be spending a large amount of time with the student and her family, so it is essential that they are fun to be around, easy going, communicative and adaptable to make this as straightforward as possible.

The tutor should have other skills and interests to contribute beyond their teaching ability.  For example, being comfortable with drama is important, being a skilled artist or musician would be desirable, an interest in ecology and the natural world is advantageous.

Screen time should be limited to genuine educational applications.

Any regulatory requirements should be fully understood and complied with.

Full records of all teaching and learning activities and progress must be kept up to date.


This is a full-time position.  The tutor will work with the student throughout the week, with a varying timetable to fit in with the family plans and the current activities .  Flexibility is required as one of the advantages of this approach is that the family are not constrained by school timetables etc.  The tutor must be able to respond to changes of plan as they arise.

The tutor will be entitled to 15 days holiday in this fixed term contract, to be taken at times convenient to the client.


The tutor will be provided with accommodation nearby in all locations.

All costs associated with travel will be covered by the client.

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