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A skilled, experienced teacher is required to provide after school tutoring for 3 children aged 13, 12, and 9 years old. The children all follow the UK curriculum including IGCSEs and, in the future, A Levels. The family live in Dubai and travel occasionally throughout the year. 

The children all attend a Tier 1 International School in Dubai and the tutor will be expected to support all three children with their academic studies after school during term time. There may also be occasional travel. The tutor will assist the children in achieving the best possible academic outcomes in all subjects whilst also developing their life long learning skills.


The eldest boy is currently in Year 9 and has started some of the IGCSE material. He scores towards the top of the grades in most subjects most of the time. He needs guidance to identify areas where additional effort and support are required in order to achieve consistently as highly as possible. He is focused on attending a prestigious US business school and has ambitious aspirations for life. He will need to prepare for US SATs and for making competitive applications at the appropriate time.

The two younger children are similarly academically able and have high aspirations for their futures. They too will need targeted guidance where needed to achieve these targets. All three children enjoy a range of sports including dressage, football, swimming and martial arts. They are all bilingual in English and Russian as well as studying Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, French between them with separate tutors.


The teacher will be an outstanding educator with suitable experience and expertise teaching students of the appropriate age range. They should be comfortable delivering a wide range of subjects to IGCSE level and should have experience of SATs and the US university application system.

The tutor will be required to meet the children after school each day and coordinate with the family driver to facilitate after-school activities. The tutor will then return home with the children and assist with homework and other academic development until around 8pm. This will include evaluating where further support would be most beneficial for each  child and delivering appropriate tutoring that both supports and extends their academic attainment.  Clear targets should be in place for each child and improvement closely monitored to enable the tutor to respond to their needs.

The tutor will generally have weekends off, but this may change occasionally as required. During long breaks e.g. summer, the tutor will sometimes travel with the family providing some academic lessons each day and some leisure activities with the children. Please note the contractual holiday arrangements below.

The family are keen to appoint someone who is open to a long term role lasting several years for the right candidate. The ideal candidate will be comfortable around animals, particularly horses, dogs and cats

Screen time should be limited to genuine educational applications.

Full records of all teaching and learning activities and progress must be kept up to date.

The tutor must not smoke or vape.


This is a full-time position.  The tutor will work with the students throughout the school week during term times from after school to around 8pm each evening. Flexibility is required and the tutor must be able to respond to changes of plan as they arise.

The tutor will also work with the students during some school holidays.

The tutor will be entitled to 45 days (9 weeks) holiday a year to be taken at times agreed with the family during school holidays.


Separate, self-contained accommodation will be provided in Dubai.

The client will provide any necessary visa.

Travel costs will be covered by the client.

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