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An exceptional, compassionate and experienced tutor is required to provide a full-time homeschool environment for a 6  year old boy.  The tutor should be skilled and experienced teaching children on the autistic spectrum. The position will start in September, or possibly sooner for the right candidate and is envisaged as a long term role. The tutoring will take place in a specifically converted building on a horse farm.


The 6 year old boy is a bright student who enjoys learning when his neurodiversity is accounted for. He is on the autistic spectrum and lesson delivery will need to be adapted to accommodate this. His learning is currently about 1 year behind aged related expectations. He has responded well to Applied Behaviour Analysis and the tutor should be familiar with this approach. He loves the outdoors and being around horses.


The teacher will have suitable experience and expertise teaching students approaching Grade 1 and above. They will also have appropriate experience teaching children on the autistic spectrum and experience of ABA.

They will be required to design and deliver an appropriate broad spectrum curriculum, taking into account the student’s learning needs. The intention is that the student is provided with a supportive, encouraging learning experience as well as an effective one.  The teacher should design assessment and feedback mechanisms that encourage learning and develop self-esteem. The ideal candidate will be able to continue the development of the dedicated teaching building on the family farm, contributing ideas as the space evolves with the student’s learning. 

This role is much broader than just teaching – there is a mentoring and caring element to it as well. The tutor is expected to engage with the student to provide outdoor learning experiences utilising the family farm. The tutor should be creative in providing  wider-world learning opportunities to support the more structured lessons. This should encourage both the student’s academic and personal development. Opportunities should be sought, in conjunction with the parents, for the student to meet and interact with other children of his own age.

The tutor will be spending a large amount of time with the student on the family farm, so it is essential that they are fun to be around, easy going, communicative and adaptable. Ideally the tutor should have other skills and interests to contribute beyond their mainstream teaching ability. Being comfortable around animals and enjoying a healthy, active, sporting lifestyle, including swimming, would be advantageous.  

Any and all educational and regulatory requirements should be fully understood and complied with.

Full records of all teaching and learning activities and progress must be kept up to date.

The tutor must not smoke or vape.


This is a full-time position.  The teacher will work with the student for an average of 40 hours per week, with planning and preparation to be carried out in addition. Flexibility and a “can do” attitude are expected from the teacher in order to facilitate educational enrichment activities.

The teacher will be entitled to 30 days holiday per year, to be taken at times convenient to the client, plus federal holidays.


The teacher will be provided with separate  accommodation on the client’s farm.

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