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An experienced home-school teacher is required to provide a full-time education for a 14 year old boy in St John’s Wood, London.  He is currently attending school, but would like to leave to follow a potential career in racing driving. 

We are looking for someone who can start as soon as possible, with the intention that this develops into a multi-year appointment.

Experience of private tuition and delivery of multiple subject teaching to GCSE is essential.


The student is 14 years old and is currently in MYP 3 at a nearby International School.

He is a talented racing driver, currently taking part of the go-kart circuit, training with a team, and with the intention of driving in British Formula 4 next season, when he is old enough.  The intention is that he leaves school to allow for the flexibility that will be needed for this to be viable.

He was schooled in Russia until August 2021 when the family moved to London.  As a consequence of this his reading age in English is behind the expectation for his age by several years, but it is hoped that with personal tuition this situation can be improved.  Formal EdPsych testing has not been carried out, but could be done if needed.

His strongest subject is Maths, and his weakest is English – largely driven by a reluctance to read.  

He is entirely focussed on his racing currently and although agreeing that a fallback of a good education is important it is not clear whether he has completely accepted this yet.

If he is not successful with racing in the medium term and it is decided that he must stop that then he needs to be in a position where the possibility of studying for a degree is available.  The likely subject is not clear at this stage.  The intention at this stage is to get a sensible, broad spread of GCSEs and then to take appropriate A Levels.

The student does not currently have a social circle and does not take part in any extracurricular activities.  It would be good for his social, physical, and emotional development for this situation to change.  The tutor would be encouraged to explore the possibilities – for example, helping him to  join a local sports club or similar.


The tutor will work with the student, his family, and Beacon to devise and implement a plan to allow the student to take a broad spread of GCSEs over the next few years.  It might be preferable to spread the exams across more than one year to reduce the concentrated workload.  The subjects to be taken are not clear yet.  The core subjects must be included:

  • Maths
  • English Language
  • Science – likely one of the combined courses, rather than separate subjects

Other potential subjects might include:

  • Russian – this should be relatively straightforward as he is a native speaker
  • Another language, possibly French or Italian
  • History
  • Geography
  • Computer Science
  • Something based on an, as yet unknown, interest

It is important that the tutor puts processes in place to record teaching coverage, attainment and progress across all subjects.  There is likely to be a lack of focus from the student on the school subjects compared to his racing development which the tutor will need to continually take into account.

The tutor should act as a role model and mentor to encourage the student to place appropriate importance on his education and to achieve his potential academically as well as in racing, as well as to provide inspiration for more general development as he gets older.

The current training schedule involves him travelling within the UK to practise and race from Friday – Sunday most weeks.  While away on these weekends he is not able to do any schoolwork as he is concentrating on his driving.  Once he is able to travel without the restrictions imposed by school then he will also go to international events, generally for several weeks at a time.  The tutor would travel with him at these times to allow for continuing schoolwork to take place.


This is a full-time position. The teacher will work with the students throughout the week, with a varying timetable to fit in with the student’s training and racing plans. This is likely to mean that while in the UK teaching is restricted to Monday – Thursday, but this is not guaranteed. The teacher must be able to respond to changes of plan as they arise.

The teacher will be entitled to 45 days holiday per year, to be taken at times convenient to the client. It should be noted that teaching days missed because the student is travelling to driving practise or races will not be treated as holiday and will not be counted against the tutor’s holiday entitlement.


Accommodation can  be provided in a self-contained part of the family home in London, with access to all of the facilities of the home if required, including swimming pool and fitness studio.

When travelling, accommodation will be provided for the tutor.

All costs associated with travel will be covered by the client.


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