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The student is a 13 year old, grade 7 boy living in Manhattan, New York. He was at a specialist dyslexia school, but has now returned to a mainstream private school.  

An after-school tutor is required to provide regular support for his school work and for planning for the future, preparation for assignments and tests etc. It is hoped and anticipated that an effective tutor will enable him to begin to enjoy school and to allow him to achieve his potential.


The student is a 13 year old boy.  He has dyslexia and some processing and executive function challenges.

Until recently he attended a specialist dyslexia school, but is now at a mainstream school.  He has not found this transition to be straightforward and needs some support with the work done during each day.  He also requires help with planning and preparation for upcoming tests and assignments.

He doesn’t currently enjoy school, which makes it more difficult for him to succeed.  If he can be helped to find the work less of a challenge then hopefully he will start to have a better time and will start to get more from the experience of being there as well as improving his academic outcomes.

He enjoys creative pastimes and music currently.  These are to be encouraged alongside developing his interest in other areas.


The main intention of this role is to provide a consistent after school support function.

The tutor will be responsible for:

  • reviewing the day’s school work
  • reinforcing and supporting any areas that were not mastered
  • helping with homework
  • being aware of upcoming schedules
  • ensuring that any preparation needed for future tasks is completed
  • introduction and development of additional topics to encourage general development

Tuition will take place at the family home on the Upper East Side after school, Monday-Thursday.

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