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An excellent, experienced early years teacher is required to work with a family in their homes in Austin, Texas and Puerto Rico, and to accompany them as they travel more widely.

There are four children; one in 2nd Grade, twins in Kindergarten, and a 3 year old in pre-K3. There are nannies working with the children, who will act as teaching assistants under the direction of the teacher.

Whilst in Puerto Rico a full-time home-school is needed. In Texas the children are in school, and the teacher will provide after school support and enrichment activities.  During the summer the teacher will provide support and field trips, particularly whilst travelling to other locations.


The teacher will have an inspirational personality. They will engage with the children to not only deliver a high quality educational experience, but to engender a love of, and enthusiasm for, learning in and of itself.

The job has three distinct aspects:


The children are in school, so the teacher will provide after-school support and enrichment for several hours each day.

Puerto Rico

For the whole of January each year, and for several 1-2 week periods throughout the year

The teacher will be responsible for designing and implementing a suitable curriculum for the children to cover all subjects and to keep them on track with where their classmates are. The teacher will liaise with the school regarding planned topics and activities.


May, June, July and August

The teacher will arrange educational enrichment activities, fun games etc in the afternoons and evenings and also provide learning field trips once a week

When the family travels the teacher will research and arrange appropriate activities and visits to help the children to get as much as possible from visiting different places. These should be tied in to the ongoing projects that they are doing where possible.

The family has a team of nannies who look after the children. They will be able to act as teaching assistants to allow the teacher to manage the children’s different needs and to give attention where needed, particularly while full-time home-schooling. The teacher is expected to plan and direct them appropriately.

The teacher will coordinate with the parents and other household staff to make arrangements for any trips and activities. Proper planning and risk assessment is very important, with provision being made for all eventualities.

The teacher will be forward thinking, apolitical, tolerant and respectful towards others.


The details of the accommodation are to be discussed and confirmed depending upon the teacher’s current situation.  

The tutor will be required to accompany the family when they travel, including internationally. All accommodation and travel costs will be covered by the client.


This is a full-time position, albeit with the hours varying depending on the location. It should not be viewed as a “how many hours” job – rather the teacher is expected to do what is necessary and in the best interests of the children.

The teacher will be entitled to 45 days holiday per year, to be taken at times convenient to the client. During the periods when the more intensive home-schooling is taking place the teacher will not be able to take extended holidays, although occasional days may be possible.

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