LOCATION: Punta del Este, Uruguay
SALARY: US$112,500 per year
HOURS: Full-time
START: 25th September 2024
DURATION: Long-term placement.
ACCOMMODATION: Separate accommodation provided.
HOLIDAY: 9 weeks (45 days) per year

A skilled, experienced teacher is required to provide a full homeschool curriculum, tutoring 2 girls aged 8 and 10 years old. The children will follow the UK National Curriculum before taking IGCSEs. The family live on the coast of Uruguay and travel for periods throughout the year, including to Europe in the summer. The tutor will need to travel with the family when required.

The children currently attend an International School in Uruguay and the tutor will be expected to continue their education for several years in preparation for an eventual move to a school in Switzerland for either A Levels or International Baccalaureate. 


The eldest girl is 10 years old. She has an engaging, lively personality and an active, enquiring approach to her learning. She has great potential academically and will thrive with a tutor that expands her academic horizons, adding breadth and context to her school curriculum. She will enjoy an inquiry led approach, where she can discover a world of learning through her natural inquisitive nature when appropriately supported and guided. Exploration and wonder should lead the way.

The younger girl is 8 and enjoys art, craft activities and making toys. She is also a keen reader and enjoys maths. Whilst possibly more introspective and reflective, she is also very capable academically and the tutor will need to be secure in their pedagogy, with a wide range of skills and experience to be able to fully extend both students. Both girls enjoy a variety of sports including gymnastics, tennis and equestrian activities.


The teacher will be an outstanding educator with suitable experience and expertise teaching students of the appropriate age range and above. They should be very comfortable delivering a wide range of subjects.

The tutor will be required to design and deliver an inspirational curriculum based around the UK National Curriculum. The intention is that a rigorous and wide ranging program of study is designed to address the learning needs of both children. This will have aspects of collaborative work, but is likely to be principally delivered on an individual basis whilst taking full advantage of their location and travels to add breadth and depth to the education provided. The tutor should be able to adapt their teaching as required to provide the maximum benefit for each of the student’s different learning styles.

The tutor will mainly work with the children during normal school hours. This will include evaluating where further support would be most beneficial and delivering appropriate tutoring that both supports and extends their academic attainment. Clear targets should be in place for each child to enable the tutor to closely monitor their progress.

The role is broader than just teaching – there is a mentoring and caring element to it as well.  The tutor is expected to engage with the girls’ recreation and leisure activities as well as the more formal lessons to encourage their general development and help embed a lifelong love of learning and desire to explore the world around them.

The tutor will sometimes be expected to work a half-day on the weekends. This will be an opportunity to add context to the girls’ studies using trips and excursions to highlight real world connections to their learning experiences.

The ability to teach Spanish, Russian or another European language would be advantageous. The girls also enjoy baking.


This is a full-time position with 40 hours per week of time available. The tutor will work with the students throughout the school week as needed and occasionally at weekends. The tutor will also need to travel with the family during the year for short trips and also to Europe for a longer period in the summer. It should be noted that the tutor will initially meet the family in Mallorca in late September before travelling to Uruguay 4 weeks later.

The tutor will be entitled to 45 days of paid holiday per year.



Separate accommodation to be provided.

Client to assist with any necessary visas. 

All costs and accommodation associated with travel will be covered by the client.

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