Full-time home school teacher
LOCATION: Washington DC and Maine
SALARY: $75,000 per year
HOURS: Full-time. An average of 40 hours per week, with planning and preparation to be carried out in addition.
START: As soon as possible
DURATION: Until the end of this academic year initially, with the intention of annual renewals
ACCOMMODATION: Provided in the family home
HOLIDAY: 40 days holiday per year, to be taken at times convenient to the client

An exceptional, compassionate and caring tutor is required to provide a full-time homeschool environment for a 16 year old girl and 13 year old boy.  The role will start as soon as possible and last at least until the end of the  academic year, with a view to becoming a more long-term role. The position will be based mainly in Virginia near Washington DC with time also spent in Cape Elizabeth, Maine.


The 15 year old girl is a bright student who enjoys studying in a structured, socratic, but student centred learning environment. She displays elements of behaviour on the autistic spectrum and lesson delivery will need to be adapted to accommodate this. She is also very artistic and the curriculum should be designed to support and develop this expression.

The younger boy similarly enjoys study and responds well to experiential learning opportunities. He greatly enjoys reading and challenges himself to read classic literature and philosophical works. He also enjoys team sports, mainly basketball and soccer. Both students have been in mainstream schooling in the US to date with a large, unsatisfactory, online component. The bespoke curriculum created by the tutor will need to meet the requirements of both the Virginia and UK syllabi in the fundamentals, while stretching both children with a focus on creating real depth of knowledge and developing conceptual understanding and critical thinking skills. 


The teacher will have suitable experience and expertise teaching students of Grades 7 to 11 and will be comfortable teaching according to both the US and UK curricula. They will also have appropriate experience teaching children on the autistic spectrum.

They will be required to design and deliver an appropriate broad spectrum curriculum, taking into account the students’ learning needs. The intention is that the students are provided with a supportive, encouraging learning experience as well as an effective one.  The teacher should design assessment and feedback mechanisms that encourage learning and develop self-esteem. The ideal candidate will have strong Maths and Science skills. Both children study French and Latin and ideally the tutor will be able to support these languages.

This role is much broader than just teaching – there is a large mentoring and caring element to it as well.  The tutor is expected to engage with the students  to provide socialisation and wider-world learning opportunities as well as the more formal lessons to encourage their academic and personal development. Opportunities should be sought, in conjunction with the parents, for the students to meet and interact with other children of their age through sporting endeavours.

The tutor will be spending a large amount of time with the students and their family, so it is essential that they are fun to be around, easy going, communicative and adaptable to make this as straightforward as possible. The successful applicant will need to be comfortable travelling abroad with the family occasionally as well as between the two locations mentioned above.

The tutor should have other skills and interests to contribute beyond their mainstream teaching ability. Being comfortable with art is important and enjoying a healthy, active, sporting lifestyle would be advantageous. Both students are very  musical, playing piano, harp and cello between them. The tutor should be able to support and encourage their musical development including music theory. 

Any and all educational and regulatory requirements should be fully understood and complied with.

Full records of all teaching and learning activities and progress must be kept up to date.

The tutor must not smoke or vape.

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