16 Jun 2021

What is a Super Tutor?

The private tuition industry is expected to reach $227bn globally by 2022, but with a variety of online services, agencies and freelance tutors available, how can you guarantee the very best private education for your child?

Elite tutors, or so-called ‘super tutors’, are highly qualified and outstanding teachers, usually with a proven track record of excellence. While the cost of services can be high, the results often speak for themselves and tuition can see students accepted into some of the very best academic institutions in the world.


Super tutors play a key role in guiding those students aiming to attend the top grammar schools, independent schools and higher education institutions. They can help to prepare students for external and admission examinations, as well as providing one-to-one tutoring for specific tests and examinations as part of their day-to-day curriculum.

For gifted and talented students, tutors offer the dedicated time needed to help them excel. In a classroom environment, the teacher’s time is often occupied by the most confident or needy students, and this can leave gifted students lacking the dedicated time and encouragement they crave. A super tutor, however, is always on hand to work with a student. They can offer a very different atmosphere and approach to school, offering a calm yet stimulating environment where the child or young person can reach their full potential.

For those children who are struggling – such as those with special educational needs or who may have fallen behind due to illness, bereavement or complications with their usual place of schooling – super tutors offer the chance to reconnect and be inspired. The best super tutors think creatively and form a special partnership with students to solve problems, work with their strengths and weaknesses, and exceed their needs.


Effective super tutors require an excellent knowledge of the curriculum, and both local and international examinations if needed. They may be a current or previous teacher or lecturer at one of the world’s top educational institutions, and so have an intimate understanding of what expectations students need to meet to succeed.

Many super tutors have a proven track record of achieving the highest results and this not only comes from knowledge, but from advanced interpersonal skills. As each student is unique, high degrees of patience and empathy,  and excellent listening skills are necessary to help students understand their subjects and channel efforts to areas that they find difficult. They should excel at motivating students to reach their academic goals and, of course, demonstrate the highest moral and ethical standards so that parents can completely trust them to work with their child.

Perhaps most importantly, super tutors need to be flexible and hard-working – both in their approach to teaching and in their lifestyle. Super tutors can be employed by high profile and high-net-worth families across the globe and their role may include travelling with a family to provide education. Much of their time may be spent planning, understanding marking schemes,  going through past papers, and constantly evaluating how their teaching is progressing and making adjustments as required. There is certainly not much time to enjoy exotic locations!


Beacon is a leading super tutor agency, providing the very best tutors for your family’s needs, whether this is full-time home schooling, after school support, or exam preparation. Our tutors enable children to prosper and flourish, wherever their learning environment might be and whatever their unique challenges. By using the very best educators, we allow students to get the most from their situations and to maximise their opportunities later in life.

If you would appreciate a confidential discussion about providing world-class private tuition for your child, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

What is a super tutor?