01 Jun 2021

Why Employ a Home Tutor?

Who would want to employ a home tutor, when your child could be out of the house and at school? Well, many people actually! 

Learning in a school environment can be problematic for children for a whole range of reasons. While schools do their best to provide differentiated learning for each child, it’s simply not possible to provide truly bespoke teaching when your child is learning in a group. This doesn’t just apply to what your child is learning, but also to where and how. In this article we explore some of the most common reasons that parents choose to employ a home tutor.


Careers and lifestyles that involve regular travel can be rewarding, but they can also put great strain on family relationships, particularly if you’re away for long periods. This presents people with difficult decisions, forcing them to choose between their career or their family. When this happens, everybody loses out in one way or another.

For many families, the solution is to employ a home tutor to travel with them. This enables parents to continue working, it allows families to stay together and it ensures that children get a high-quality, bespoke education wherever they are in the world.

Home tutors are confident teaching a wide range of subjects, meaning that children get a broad education stretching well beyond the core subjects. Home tutors are also adept at turning travel into opportunities for teaching and learning, using local environments and cultures to bring lessons to life.

For parents and children who travel frequently, perhaps the foremost attraction of having a home tutor is that they can respond to your schedule, offering flexible teaching that adapts to your travel plans.

Even when settling in a new location – sometimes for several years – some families choose to engage a home tutor. Local schools do not always offer the education that parents want for their children. Returning home is made easier if children continue to study within their home country’s education system. Likewise, a home tutor can ensure that sufficient progress is made so that on their return, children don’t find themselves lagging behind their peers.

Specific Learning Needs

Many families are looking for individualised teaching that caters to their child’s specific needs. This covers a wide range of situations. Some young people excel in particular areas such as music or sport, and need academic tuition that fits around demanding commitments to their specialist field. Having a home tutor offers flexibility, ensuring that high quality teaching and learning can take place around training and competitions.

Other students need accelerated tuition in certain academic subjects. In these cases, tutors who are specialists in particular fields offer the focus that these young people need while ensuring that they also cover a suitably diverse range of other subjects.

Home tutors also offer one-to-one education to young people who have not flourished in mainstream education. Many home tutors are experienced in catering for children and young people who face a wide variety of physical, cognitive and emotional challenges. These can range from autistic spectrum disorder and mental health concerns to sensory impairments and mobility issues. With the right personalised care and attention, these students are able to flourish and reach their full academic and social potential.

Quality Education Without an Agenda

Some parents are concerned about political and cultural bias in mainstream schools, or in wider society. Sometimes families living and working in foreign countries have limited choices in terms of high quality local schools. They want to ensure that their child is educated without being subjected to particular political viewpoints, cultural pressures or religious influences. Home tutors can offer culturally sensitive tuition that nonetheless delivers rigorous academic teaching and learning. The same can be true in families’ home countries – if parents don’t agree with the world-views that underpin local education, then engaging a home tutor offers control over the viewpoints that children are exposed to.

These are the three most common reasons that families look to engage a home tutor. Are you surprised by any of these? What are your reasons for looking for a home tutor? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below. If you are considering a tutor for your child, please contact us to find out how we can best serve their needs and yours.

Why employ a home tutor?